Made in USA

Shop our selection of high quality toys made in America.

When you choose one of our core products, you can rest assured that it was created, inspected, tested, packaged and shipped with care – all in the heart of America.

TEDCO is a small company with a big heart. Our sixteen dedicated employees have over 200 years of combined hands-on, toy-making experience.

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  • Nostalgic Pet Tornado

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  • T Handle replacements

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  • Play-board for use with TEDCO's Blocks and Marble Run

    TEDCO’s Block and Marble run Playboard

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  • TEDCO’s Blocks and Marbles

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  • Replacement Marbles

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  • Super Set Blocks and Marbles

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  • Bernoulli Bag

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  • The Original Gyroscope

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  • Nostalgic Gyroscope

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  • Original Gyroscope Twin Pack

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  • Precision Gyroscope

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  • Gravitron Space Gyro

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