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Shop our selection of high-quality toys made in America.

Our inspiring line of toys provides kids with the hands-on learning experience they need to enrich their minds and stimulate their senses.

When you choose one of our educational toys made in the USA from our core line of products, you can rest assured that it was created, inspected, tested, packaged, and shipped with care – all in the heart of America.

TEDCO is a small company with a big heart. Our sixteen dedicated employees have over 200 years of combined hands-on, toy-making experience. For the best educational toys made in the USA, choose TEDCO Toys.

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  • Original TEDCO Gyroscope/Twin Pak

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  • Precision Gyroscope

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  • Gravitron Space Gyro (PVC Box)

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  • Discovery Pak/Gyroscope,Prism,Magnets

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  • Gyroscope Replacement String

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  • Light Crystal Prism 2.5″

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  • Light Crystal Prism 4.5″

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  • Pet Tornado

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  • Rattleback

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  • 50′ Solar Balloon

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  • Solar Bead Actvity/Bracelet

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  • SunArt Deluxe Kit

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