Anatomy & Biology

Make a presentation stand out with an animal model or use a model of the human body to reinforce
concepts in health class. These models and kits help reinforce STEM / STEAM subjects like microbiology,
biochemistry, physiology and more. With products that range from models of a single organ to full body
models to science kits that reinforce biology concepts, we have what you need. What will you learn with
TEDCO’s anatomy and biology toys?

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  • 4D Manta Ray

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  • Sale!

    4D Stegosaurus

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  • 4D Vision Full Frog Skeleton

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  • Large owl pellets- QTY of 20

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  • Owl Pellet Classroom Pack

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  • X-Ray Fun Pteranodon

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  • 4D Anatomy Eyeball Model

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  • 4D Anatomy Human Heart Model

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  • 4D Didactic Exploded Skull

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