Educational Solar Power & Energy Toys for Kids

Learn all about solar energy and make learning fun with our collection of educational solar power and energy toys for kids.

For the young builder, try the ECO Ten transforming science kit, with ten different applications. A Sensor Stick will help teach about conductivity, or experience laws of energy transfer through the mesmerizing behavior of a Hand Boiler. Learning about solar power and energy does not have to be boring – let TEDCO make it exciting with these educational solar power and energy toys for kids!

Shop our collection and place an online order today! Happy learning!

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  • Ein-O Science Electric Motor

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  • Hand Boiler

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  • Mini Hand Boiler

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  • Nostalgic Pet Tornado

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  • Sun Art 5×7 SuperPak

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  • SunArt Paper Kit 4″x 4″ 15 sheets

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  • Tim Bird Classic Replacement Rubberband and Winder

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  • Electric Whiz Adventure kit

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  • Sensor Stick

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