Educational Gyroscope Toys for Kids

Your child will love learning about the fundamentals of gyroscopes while playing with our educational gyroscope toys for kids.

TEDCO toys™ has been making Gyroscopes and other Science Toys right here in the USA for over 30 years. With these scientific gyroscope toys, your child will learn how gyroscopes work firsthand. Based on the original model of the Chandler Company which sold tens of millions of gyroscopes over their 70-year history (prior to being purchased by TEDCO, Inc. in 1982), we have worked tirelessly to expand the product line and grow sales globally. Today TEDCO toys™ has a wide variety of educational and science toys including EIN-O Science Kits & 4D Human Anatomy Models.

At TEDCO Toys, we cater to all forms of learning. Shop our website for educational gyroscope toys for kids to place an online order and let the learning commence! 

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  • Puffer Fish Crystal Kit

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  • Zip Starter multipack

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  • Cyclone Gyro

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  • The Original Gyroscope

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  • Original Gyroscope Twin Pack

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  • Precision Gyroscope

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  • Gravitron Space Gyro

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  • Discovery Pak

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  • Space Gyroscope

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