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Take your puzzle assembly skills to the next level with a 3D/4D puzzle from TEDCO Toys! We offer a
variety of puzzles – from scale models of animals and human anatomy to mini Galaxy Puzzles. When you
have finished your 3D/4D puzzle, display it for everyone to see! Start your collection today!

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  • 4D Manta Ray

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  • 4D Space Shuttle

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  • Dino Puzzles Mini Lab Diorama kit

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  • 4 micro puzzles with test tubes rainbow rain, penguins, donuts, who's a good boy (dogs)

    Micro Puzzles Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • T-Rex Skeleton Snap Model

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  • Triceratops skeleton (Tube)

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  • X-Ray Fun Pteranodon

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  • Ear

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  • Eyeball

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