Dig Kits

Whether you have an aspiring paleontologist or a child who likes to dig for treasure in your life,
we have a dig kit for you. We have small or large dig kits available that teach a variety of STEM /
STEAM related subjects such as geology, paleontology, geography, archeology, and marine
biology. Uncover an array of Earth’s treasures: dig and discover a skeleton of a dinosaur or a
fossil of an insect buried in amber. Excavate gemstones or relics of ancient cultures. What will
you discover with one of TEDCO’s dig kits?

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  • Large owl pellets- QTY of 20

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  • Owl Pellet Classroom Pack

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  • Amber Fossil Dig

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  • Dino Egg Dig

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  • Discover China

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  • Discover Greece

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  • Discover Maya

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  • Sale!

    Discover Maya – Damaged Package Sale

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  • Discover Stegosaurus

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