Physics & Engineering

Engineer a tall tower of blocks for a marble to roll through with Blocks & Marbles, explore chemical
interactions with Alien Reaction, or watch laws of physics in motion with a Newton’s Cradle. TEDCO has
a wide range of toys to explore different aspects of physics and engineering. From a working model of a
V8 Engine to the fascinating abilities of the Rattleback, TEDCO makes learning about physics and
engineering fun for everyone.

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  • Aim N Shoot

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  • Alien Reaction

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  • Drinking Bird

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  • Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Rocket Ball Lab

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  • T Handle replacements

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  • Play-board for use with TEDCO's Blocks and Marble Run

    TEDCO’s Block and Marble run Playboard

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  • TEDCO’s Blocks and Marble Run

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  • Sale!

    Tornado Spheres

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