Educational Physics & Engineering Toys for Kids

At TEDCO Toys, we strive to inspire a passion for learning with every product we sell. Our educational physical and engineering toys for kids awaken the imagination and turn every young learner into a physicist or engineer.

Kids can engineer a tall tower of blocks for a marble to roll through with Blocks & Marbles, explore chemical interactions with Alien Reaction, or watch laws of physics in motion with a Newton’s Cradle. TEDCO has a wide range of toys to explore different aspects of physics and engineering. From building your own robotic vacuum cleaner to the fascinating abilities of the Rattleback, TEDCO’s educational physics and engineering toys make learning about these concepts fun for everyone.

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  • alien reaction in action

    Alien Reaction

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  • Drinking Bird (purple)

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  • TEDCO’s Block and Marbles

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  • Tim Bird Classic Replacement Rubberband and Winder

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  • Zip Starter replacement

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  • Cyclone Gyro

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  • Balancing Pterosaur W/Stand

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  • Electric Whiz Adventure kit

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  • Newton’s Cradle (Z)

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