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Under our toys and games categories you will find a variety of items for young and old that provide
scientific and educational value and are packed with fun. Looking for a beautiful sand timer as a gift or
to keep track of time? Explore our novelties section. Need a STEM / STEAM toy for a science project
focusing on the human body? Check out our 3D/4D models for hands-on learning that will make an
impact. Whether you are looking for a toy that reinforces a science concept or something to help kids –
or yourself – relax and unwind after a stressful day, TEDCO has a toy that is sure to fit the bill.

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  • 15 minute Teal Triple Globe Sand Timer

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  • 3 Minute Sand and Water Blue Timer

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  • 30 Minute Red Glass Sandtimer

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  • 4D Manta Ray

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  • 4D Space Shuttle

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  • 4D Vision Full Frog Skeleton

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  • 60 Minute Triple Globe Sand Timer

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  • Aim N Shoot

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  • Sale! alien reaction in action

    Alien Reaction

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