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TEDCO Toys is your one-stop shop for educational toys for kids. Our online shop has one of the largest selections of American-made educational toys on the market. Varying in subjects from science to arts and crafts, TEDCO Toys are engaging and more importantly, fun for curious children.

You can build with blocks or build robots with TEDCO’s educational building toys for kids. From our newly revamped Blocks & Marbles Set – made with quality North American hardwoods – to an Alarm Robot, TEDCO has a building set suitable for any young engineer. Build your own pet beetle with the Robotic Beetle Kit or try your hand at the World’s Simplest Motor. Ready, set, build!

Building toys appeal to kids of all ages and expose them to important life skills like problem solving and critical thinking. Shop our collection of educational building toys for kids today!

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  • alien reaction in action

    Alien Reaction

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  • rebuildasaurus triceratops shown with screwdriver inserted in screw on leg

    Rebuild-a-saurus-Take Apart Dinosaur toy

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  • TEDCO’s Block and Marbles

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  • Dino link pieces displayed with 2 dinos put togethjer with box

    Dino Links

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  • Dinosaur 3D Puzzle Set

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  • Sale!

    Greenhouse Radio

    Original price was: $16.65.Current price is: $2.00.
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  • Gross Insects 3D Puzzle Set Assorted 4 Styles

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  • Rainforest 3D Puzzle Set

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  • Marble Replacment/30 pcs Bag

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