SunArt Paper Kit 4″x 4″ 15 sheets


Sun Art paper is a cyanotype. Ultraviolet light from the sun affects the color pigments in the paper, allowing images of flowers, buttons, or other objects from around the house or found in nature to be captured in the paper. Each made-in-the-USA kit includes 15 pieces of 4×4 light sensitive paper, an acrylic panel protected by a masking, and instructions.  Please remove the masking from both sides of the acrylic panel before use. Arrange objects on top of the panel or below on windy days. You can also use a wide tip dry erase marker on the surface of the panel to produce text on the paper. After exposure, the paper will continue to darken for several hours after being rinsed. Once your print is completely dry, the image can be flattened under a heavy book for a day or two to eliminate curling. If it’s raining and you would still like to use your Sun Art paper, you can expose it to a bright indoor light, though it will take longer to darken. Objects not included. What will make with your Sun Art Paper?



– Includes 15 4″x4″ sheets of solar paper
– 1 Acrylic 4×4 panel, must remove masking on both sides before using.
– Proudly Made In USA





Additional information

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × .25 × 4.75 in

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