Educational Novelty Toys for Kids

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  • Hand Boiler

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  • Blue Jellyfish Stretch sensory toy for children

    Jellyfish Stretch Sensory Toy

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  • Magnetic Sand Timer –

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  • 4 micro puzzles with test tubes rainbow rain, penguins, donuts, who's a good boy (dogs)

    Micro Puzzles Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • Mini Hand Boiler

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  • Mini Hour Glass timers-set of 4

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  • Party Pets Balloon Ball

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  • single pet house with a white dog, blue bowl, pink bone and tan carrier

    Pet House

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  • all 4 colors of pinart available blue, red, purple, and green

    Pin Art-assortment of 4 colors (Blue,red,green and purple)

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