Science Fair

If you need a kit to begin exploring your chosen science fair topic or a 4D puzzle model to finish off a
presentation and impress the judges, TEDCO has what you need. We have a variety of kits that can be
used to start a project or illustrate it. Large- and small-scale models help bring emphasis to the project
and draw attention to it. Make your science fair the best one yet with TEDCO’s science fair products!

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  • Alien Reaction

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  • Ein-O Science Mighty Molecules

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  • Large owl pellets- QTY of 20

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  • Snail World

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  • Sun Art 5×7 SuperPak

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  • 4-D Anatomy Ear Model

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  • 4D Anatomy Human Heart Model

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  • 4D Didactic Exploded Skull

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  • 4D Human Anatomy Brain Model

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